Bewilderment, belonging, and the ones who walk away

November 2021

and the deficiency of the language of deficiency

June 2021

Juneteenth, storms of memory and history, mind's eye blindness, and circulation amok

March 2021

Care and the forms of purity right here, right now

December 2020

David Goodsell's mesoscale molecular landscapes, and the uncanny vitality at the edges of life

November 2020

The Feral Atlas; Thanksgiving and its discontents

July 2020

The Ghost TreesListen now (9 min) | I might need to start calling the podcast part of this newsletter “Arborpostures”… in any case, here’s another audio tree-diary…
From cancelation to conversation, with all that is at stake
WatersheddingListen now (7 min) | I’m giving audio a try, with this quick meditation on impermanence, uncertainty, and letting the water roll.

June 2020

The storm called progress; the promise of lightning

May 2020

Invisibility as a sovereign power
Of disease and disguise