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Occasional reports on being human in more-than-human times

The term “species being” has been used to name the sense (often called universal, whether accurately or no) of belonging in the project of the human. Alongside species being, we might need a sense of what being species could mean. How do we exist as a species among many others—inclusively, skillfully? How might we take seriously the work of being human in a more-than-human world?

These questions will be occupying me and setting my agenda for projects in the year to come. This newsletter will be part of my dashboard for that work. Its schedule will be fluid—it won’t take up too much inbox space, I am sure.

The newsletter realm is rich—and crowded! Anthropostures is inspired by a few in particular: Charlie Lloyd’s 6, Adam Birdsall’s Scales, and Deb Chachra’s Metafoundry, among others (if you’re hungry for more, check out the indefatigable Robin Sloan’s elegant gazetteer of the Republic of Newsletters). I recommend these, and the whole scattered archipelago of connected and kindred efforts. And if you’ve got the energy to click “subscribe” once more, I hope you’ll give Anthropostures a try, too.